Why Learn Mandarin?

Here are several reasons for learning Mandarin:

  • Learning Mandarin can help students do better in school.
  • Mandarin makes students stand out.
  • The ability to speak Mandarin is even more impressive in Non-Asian children.
  • Learning Mandarin reveals a lot about a person.
  • Learning Mandarin opens doors to history and culture.
  • Learning Mandarin early can influence a child’s entire academic career.
  • Being fluent, when applying to universities, can really distinguish a teen from their competition, and land them an acceptance letter from the school of their dreams.
Why Learn Mandarin? - DPLA Trilingual Education Centers

Why Learn Spanish? - DPLA Trilingual Education Centers

Why Learn Spanish?

Learning Spanish expands minds and enrich lives.

  • Talk to more people.
  • Develop early language skills.
  • Get an academic advantage.
  • Understand English better.
  • Get to know your neighbors.
  • Increase opportunities for safer travel
  • Broaden cultural horizons.
  • Expand future employment options.
  • Spanish is the 2nd most spoken language in the world.

Who Needs English?

Learning or Improving English skills opens doors for academic success.

  • There are families where English is not the spoken language at home.
  • There are native English-speaking children who struggle with reading, writing, speaking, or listening.
  • There are students with families that have just moved to the United States and speak no English.
  • There are children being adopted by United States families who speak very little English.
  • Improving English skills improves academic performance and confidence.
Who Needs English? - DPLA Trilingual Education Centers

Who Needs English? - DPLA Trilingual Education Centers

Language is Power. The Gift of Language Lasts a Lifetime.

At DPLA Trilingual Education Centers we offer these language programs:

In-Home Daycare Language Program
After School Language Program
Adult Social Language and Culture Program