Why Learn Mandarin?

Here are several reasons for learning Mandarin:

  • Learning Mandarin can help students do better in school.
  • Mandarin makes students stand out.
  • The ability to speak Mandarin is even more impressive in Non-Asian children.
  • Learning Mandarin reveals a lot about a person.
  • Learning Mandarin opens doors to history and culture.
  • Learning Mandarin early can influence a child’s entire academic career.
  • Being fluent, when applying to universities, can really distinguish a teen from their competition, and land them an acceptance letter from the school of their dreams.
Why Learn Mandarin? - DPLA Trilingual Education Centers

Why Learn Spanish? - DPLA Trilingual Education Centers

Why Learn Spanish?

Learning Spanish expands minds and enrich lives.

  • Talk to more people.
  • Develop early language skills.
  • Get an academic advantage.
  • Understand English better.
  • Get to know your neighbors.
  • Increase opportunities for safer travel
  • Broaden cultural horizons.
  • Expand future employment options.
  • Spanish is the 2nd most spoken language in the world.

Who Needs English?

Learning or Improving English skills opens doors for academic success.

  • There are families where English is not the spoken language at home.
  • There are native English-speaking children who struggle with reading, writing, speaking, or listening.
  • There are students with families that have just moved to the United States and speak no English.
  • There are children being adopted by United States families who speak very little English.
  • Improving English skills improves academic performance and confidence.
Who Needs English? - DPLA Trilingual Education Centers

We currently offer the following language programs:

  • After School Language Program
    As a supplement to regular school, our after school program helps kids understand English better
    by improving linguistic acquisition skills, thus gaining an academic advantage.

  • In-Home Daycare Language Program
    This daytime program teaches the three languages to kids the way they learn best,
    by exploration, immersion, acquisition, and usage.

  • Adult Social Language and Culture Program
    Many people believe learning a second language is harder as an adult, however,
    learning a second language is not as difficult as one may think.

"Both of my sons have attended DPLA Trilingual. My oldest son was there for several years until he went to Kindergarten. In that time, his language flourished and he became more confident talking to me in Spanish. Not only did his language flourish, but Dave and Jessie focused on kindergarten readiness by practicing multiple skills that have benefited him and given him a head start going into kindergarten. My youngest son is currently attending DPLA Trilingual and he absolutely loves it. I appreciate so much how at a young age he is exposed to different cultural foods, languages, learning social emotional skills and is in such a welcoming environment. While there, both of my sons experienced the highest possible care that a parent could ask for. Dave and Jessie truly pour their hearts into these children and they become like family. I would highly recommend DPLA Trilingual. " - Parent