In-Home Daycare Language Program

In Home Day Care

Teacher and Kids

Teaching the way kids learn best.

Exploration, immersion, acquisition, usage.

The DPLA In-Home Daycare Language Program is where children will learn in English, Mandarin, and Spanish through experience and play.

Why these three languages? Because 90% of the world speaks these languages.


  • Being trilingual early can influence a child’s entire academic career.
  • Trilingual ability has been proven to help your child develop superior reading and writing skills.
  • Trilingual children also tend to have over all better analytical, social, and academic skills than their monolingual peers.
  • Being trilingual helps open doors to acceptance at major universities.
  • Being trilingual helps your child stand out.
  • Knowing more than one language helps your child feel at ease in different environments.
  • Being trilingual creates a natural flexibility and adaptability, and increases self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Career prospects are multiplied many times over for people who know more than one language.
  • Develops an appreciation for other cultures and an innate acceptance of cultural differences.

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"Some of the greatest joys of parenting are seeing your child have fun and seeing your child learn. At DPLA, our kids experience both. Each school day our kids (currently ages 2 and 3) are SO excited to see Jessie and Dave and their friends. Then they come home and surprise us with their knowledge of Chinese and Spanish. We are so happy with the care they receive and are amazed at how much they learn each week. The kids have such a great time, and we love knowing that they are well cared for,have delicious and healthy food, consistent naps/quiet time, and a lot of laughs each day. It is icing on the cake that the kids get to run around outside and learn about different cultures/celebrations too." - Parent