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DPLA Mission Statement

Mission: To provide students with language acquisition skills, culture, and knowledge to prepare them to become global citizens and contribute in the world of the future.

Purpose: Our purpose is to provide a variety of linguistic learning programs designed to meet the individual needs of each student, so they can excel in the development of communication competencies. The Trilingual focus is unique in that the individual learner can become proficient in the three languages of our program: English, Mandarin, and Spanish. These skills provide a world of opportunity for the student, as they will be able to communicate with 90% of the world’s population. Our innovative practices utilize an experiential learning environment that is safe, supportive and caring for all ages, backgrounds, learning styles, and cultures.

DPLA: Distinctive Program for Language Acquisition

David Finley - Program Director and Teacher for DPLA, Inc.

David Finley
Program Director/Teacher

Dave Finley’s career and life has been marked by his 40 years of service in education and his desire to make a difference. Dave has earned a BS degree in education in 1978 from Colorado State University, a MS degree in education administration in 1995 from Chadron State College, and EdD degree in education administration from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2002. In both the MS and EdD programs, he focused upon language acquisition and development.

While in Nebraska, Dave was on multiple commissions within the state and the main lead for language development for monolingual non-English students. His schools received national recognition for growth and performance. From this, Dave was recruited as a consultant for the US Dept. of Education – Migrant Education, working with 107 school districts in nine states developing effective language acquisition programs.

After a request for services in Mexico, Dave worked with universities and schools in Guanajuato and Puebla. This led to consulting in eleven countries, ending with Mainland China. During his 4.5 years in China, Dave worked with 64 universities in 6 provinces, as well as several private programs involving 16 high schools.

Dave recently retired and returned with his wife Jessie to Colorado, setting up home in Fort Collins where they are focusing upon the development of their linguistic program, DPLA Trilingual Education.

Jessie Finley - Business Director and Teacher for DPLA, Inc.

Jessie Finley
Business Director/Teacher

A native of Mainland China, Jessie loves sharing and teaching her language, culture and traditions. She brings strong teaching skills and has developed Mandarin Chinese language classes for all age levels. She also served as a translator for several corporations in China for both governmental and educational purposes.

Jessie has an associate degree from Nanjing Institute of Technology in Nanjing, China and a bachelor’s degree from Southwestern University of Finance and Economics in Suzhou, China. Jessie brings a strong understanding of the Chinese educational system and has adjusted instructional practices to better integrate with other educational systems.

Since arriving in the U.S., Jessie has focused upon the building of their linguistic program, DPLA. Besides teaching the Mandarin language, Jessie has taught the Chinese culture, arts and songs. In addition, she is the business manager of the program and lead contact. She is also the main communications contact with sister schools in Nanjing, China and Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

Dave and Jessie Finley - Program Director & Business Director for DPLA, Inc.

Dave and Jessie

They have worked hard to bring the linguistic education program to Fort Collins. Beginning with 8 students in 2019, the program has grown to over 40, with new students enrolling each week. They enjoy each student they serve and are committed to their students’ linguistic performance growth on an individual level.

"I absolutely love my weekly language classes with DPLA Colorado. I have always wanted to learn Spanish but never imagined I could learn Chinese at the same time. That’s the magic of learning from linguists, they teach the science of language in a way that makes sense and ’sticks’. It’s hard work, but it’s always fun, and I love knowing there is no brain training as effective as learning two very different languages. It’s also wonderful learning at my own pace - I have a demanding full-time job and ‘regular’ language classes at a university would never have worked for my schedule. Not only is the flexibility of their classes perfect, but the affordability makes taking classes possible - I would not be learning any language had I not discovered DPLA. And most importantly Dave and Jessie are wonderful and patient instructors. Overall, I’m beyond grateful and I’ve made my weekly language classes ’non-negotiable’, I will never give them up!" - Student