• After School Language Program
    Preparing children and parents
    for global opportunities
  • Adult Social Language
    and Culture Program
    Learning a new language is
    a key to new opportunities
  • In-Home Daycare Language Program
    Teaching the way kids learn best.
    Exploration, immersion, acquisition, usage

DPLA Trilingual Education Centers

Learn in Three Languages

English - Mandarin - Spanish

Individualized classes taught the way you learn.

The world is constantly changing, and the value of knowing all three of these languages will only increase. What skills will you need to be successful? How will you compete for the best jobs?

Language is power. Language is opportunity. The gift of language lasts a lifetime.
The ability to think and speak English, Mandarin, and Spanish opens a world of opportunities,
not only in the workplace, but also in everyday life. Knowing English, Mandarin, and Spanish
allows for communication with 90% of the world.

We currently offer the following language programs:

  • After School Language Program
    As a supplement to regular school, our after school program helps kids understand English better
    by improving linguistic acquisition skills, thus gaining an academic advantage.

  • In-Home Daycare Language Program
    This daytime program teaches the three languages to kids the way they learn best,
    by exploration, immersion, acquisition, and usage.

  • Adult Social Language and Culture Program
    Many people believe learning a second language is harder as an adult, however,
    learning a second language is not as difficult as one may think.

"My kids really enjoy their 'fun class' learning Spanish, Mandarin and English with DPLA. The teachers are creative, positive, and dedicated and keep my children engaged. I see progression in each of my kids in all three languages even after just a few weeks." - Parent