• Support School Center
    Helping recover what was lost during Covid-19.
  • After School Language Center
    Preparing children and parents
    for global opportunities
  • Home School Language Center
    Prepare for success
    in our changing world
  • Adult Social Language
    and Cultural Center
    Learning a new language is
    a key to the world
  • In-Home Daycare / Language Center
    Teaching the way kids learn best.
    Exploration, immersion, acquisition, usage

DPLA Trilingual Education Centers

Learn in Three Languages Everyday, All Day

The world is changing rapidly. It will look very different in twenty years.

What skills will your child need in order to be successful?

How will your child compete for the best jobs?

Language is power. The ability to think and speak in three languages opens a world of opportunities.

"My kids really enjoy their 'fun class' learning Spanish, Mandarin and English with DPLA.
The teachers are creative, positive, and dedicated and keep my children engaged.
I see progression in each of my kids in all three languages even after just a few weeks." - Parent