After School Language Program

Language is Power. The Gift of Language Lasts a Lifetime.

The power of language can greatly enhance the pathway for your child’s future. It creates an advantage for almost any career they choose. Knowing English, Mandarin, and Spanish allows for communication with 90% of the world.

Why Learn Mandarin?

Here are several reasons to learn Mandarin:

  • Learning Mandarin early can help students do better in school and can influence a child’s entire academic career.
  • Learning another language besides English also helps many students read, write and speak English better.
  • The ability to speak Mandarin makes students stand out and is even more impressive in non-Asian children.
  • Learning Mandarin opens doors to history and culture.
  • Being fluent in Mandarin, when applying to universities, distinguishes a teen from their peers, and can help land them an acceptance letter from the school of their dreams.
Why Learn Mandarin? - DPLA Trilingual Education Centers

Why Learn Spanish? - DPLA Trilingual Education Centers

Why Learn Spanish?

Learning Spanish expands minds and enriches lives.

  • Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world.
  • Develop language skills early on and gain an academic advantage.
  • Understand English better, by improving linguistic acquisition skills.
  • Increase opportunities for safer and more enriching travel.
  • Broaden cultural horizons.
  • Improve future employment opportunites.

Who Needs English?

Learning or improving English skills opens doors for academic success.

  • Improving English skills enhances academic performance and confidence.
  • There are native English-speaking children who struggle with reading, writing, speaking, or listening, so there is always room for improvement.
  • There are families where English is not the spoken language at home.
  • There are students with families that have just moved to the United States and speak no English.
  • There are children being adopted by United States families who speak very little English.
Who Needs English? - DPLA Trilingual Education Centers

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“At my son’s recent school conference, the teachers were surprised at his recent growth after years of struggling.
I was proud to explain how your program is making a difference. I am very happy.” - Parent