Business Language and Protocols Center

Learn a New Language in a Business Context

Be able to communicate confidently in a business setting, including reading, writing, speaking, listening. Being prepared increases profits and expandability. Knowing what to expect and say gives confidence.

Learn Business Protocols and Etiquette

  • Know the high-level business protocols for meetings that can impress and honor the individuals attending.
  • Different countries have different customs and business protocols.
  • Knowing these protocols provides confidence by presenting a strong image for you and your company.

“Demonstrating knowledge of business protocols and language presents a company image of mutual respect and harmony, someone worth my time.” - Foreign Business Partner

Learning Through Practice

Our program believes the best way to learn and use a language is through actual practice and role playing.

  • Demonstrating the usage while improving recall with each practice session.
  • Discover new ideas and processes with each session.

Our program is designed for businesses such as:

  • IT companies
  • Companies with international connections
  • Companies wanting to expand into international markets

10 Leveled Sessions

DPLA Business Language Center provides 10 sequential nine-week sessions each year.

  • They are taught by native speakers with practical business experience.
  • Your key employees improve in usage and knowledge over a 2.5-year process to where they are fluent.

Tuition costs are: $15/hour

To pre-enroll call: (970) 617-0885